October 4, 2017

Hello Friends!  It’s been a LONG while since I’ve run any updates on my website, but there have been reasons…

In June 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage II, triple-positive invasive breast cancer.  In July, I had two surgeries to remove the cancer, and then began a course of rigorous chemotherapy followed by radiation.  I’m very happy to report that I’m cancer-free, continuing to heal, and slowly growing back my hair!

I’m extremely fortunate, and I’ve decided God must want me to stick around a while longer and do some good stuff.  So while my body has been recovering and re-inventing itself, I’ve been doing the same thing.

During chemo and radiation I directed a few projects!  While I’ve been directing on a small scale since 2010, I began to do even more on the other side of the table.

In September 2016, I directed MISALLIANCE for ShawChicago.  In November 2016 I adapted and directed a new piece called SHREWISH for Artemisia Theatre.  In April 2017 I directed LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST for The Shakespeare Project.  And in June 2017, I directed MACBETH for Oak Park Festival Theatre.  In the space of a year I’ve learned and grown SO much, and have so many new connections and friendships to be grateful for.  And even though I deliberately “benched” myself while going through cancer treatment, I even managed to revisit one of my favorite roles on-stage (in my little wig!), playing Hesione Hushabye in HEARTBREAK HOUSE at ShawChicago.

I will be updating my website very shortly — as soon as I grow enough hair with which to get new pictures!  In the meantime, thanks for checking in with me!!


Love, Barbara